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Cow Print Cow Tag
Cow Print Cow Tag

Cow Print Cow Tag

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These car freshies are so cute and a great way to make your car smell good! These can also be used in other areas like a bathroom, bedroom, office, school lockers, etc.

Most freshies have a strong scent that lasts 3-4 weeks, may last even longer. During the cold winter months the scent might be hard to smell at times. 

These are made with high quality scented aroma beads and fragrance oils. Most freshies are around 4 inches big. 



Unscented (If you love the designs and don't like scents we can make them without a scent)

Caramel Apple (A classic autumn scent of juicy red apples, dipped in sweet warm buttery caramel)

Cozy Flannel (The perfect fall scent, comforting and warm mix blend of bergamot, mahogany, orange, nutmeg, cedar, sandalwood, and amber. Similar to BBW fragrance)

Vanilla Marshmallow Pumpkin (A spiced fall treat with a classic pumpkin spice, and creamy vanilla marshmallow-y twist)



-Keep away from children and pets.

-Do not leave on any surfaces or the oil and scent may effect the surface. 

-Melting may occur in severe heat. 

-We are not responsible for misuse. 

Please contact me with any questions! Thanks!